Draw A Bird Rewind . . .

September 1, 2015

Laura of Creatarteveryday has thrown down the gauntlet, and we’re rising to the challenge (even if it is a repost!)

So here goes, Laura. . . .


Juvenile N. American Robin, done on commission for J. Leckie, Christmas, 2011

Your turn!  Follow Laura at https://wordpress.com/read/post/feed/32739058/794878009

17 Responses to “Draw A Bird Rewind . . .”

  1. […] Lance at Weisser Watercolours, who helped lead the charge in advance (thank you, Lance) […]


  2. Thank you Bun very very much, and I do hope you receive many visitors to your entertaining and intriguing blog.

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  3. ….thank you David. I have never been to Venice–and, I have never heard the heartbeat of a squirrel! hahaha. Your post today is so apt. We have much around us we don’t see.


  4. BunKaryudo said

    I have to preface my comment by saying I’m not any kind of artist. (I drew a couple of nice stick figures in my brother’s text book once.)

    I do think this is a lovely watercolor. My eye starts at the bird’s face, goes down to his feet, up along the branch, and then I’m back looking at the cute little fellow’s face again. 🙂


  5. wow. Thank you Andrew, Barry, Nimi, Melanie, David and Belinda! I have company visiting and am growing lax in my responses, but boy, I do love how you encourage not only me, but everyone you visit. You are great.


  6. Beautiful, Lance! And so delicate.

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  7. Barry Comer said

    Seriously lovely. I need to try wildlife. I promise.

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  8. Belinda said

    Oeh, so cute! 🙂 and my goodness…a lot of detail. very prof.

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  9. nimi naren said

    Absolutely beautiful, Lance..loved the robin

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  10. Well done. Love the texture of the feathers.

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  11. How beautiful! That reminds me, bird day is coming up fast, isn’t it? 🙂

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  12. ….September finds Robins here very quiet indeed. They come to nest up here in B. C., and from the moment they arrive in late February, until their babies have fledged, they are loudly proclaiming their presence. As they prepare to fly South, they are seen and rarely heard. Thank you for giving us a chance to fly (again) today, with you, Laura.

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  13. ….we all love your ‘doodlewash’ site, Charlie–talk about gauntlets being thrown!


  14. Wow! Beautiful Lance! You set down the gauntlet and raised the bar! Nice! 😉

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  15. Thank you, Lance! What a beautiful robin! Thanks for helping me cheer on the troops! Thanks for the smile, my friend. 💛

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