tiny robin

June 28, 2015

There is a woman named Robin who comes to the Gallery looking for namesake treasures.  It is my personal pleasure to keep her mission accomplished.


N. American Robin‘, 4cm x 6cm, (1.5″ x 2.5″), watercolour miniature, sold

I have a niece named Robin.  What’s cool about her is that she is married to Peregrin.  And the relieving detail is that they chose not to name any of their three children after birds.

I went to school with a girl named Candi Barr.  When I was a kid, our next door neighbour’s maiden name was Olivia Greene.  Fortunately, none of my (known) relatives ever named their son Bud.

Please provide some examples of your own known ‘unfortunate’ names.  We could all do with a smile.

5 Responses to “tiny robin”

  1. I have made some kind of grand error. I somehow erased 4 early comments from those kind enough to post! I am sad that happened. But thank you to you who sent something my way!


  2. hahaha….Cynthia….your ‘James Ames’ brought to mind my having had a William Williams in my class, (his parents were Welsh), and we used to call him ‘Willie Billiams’.


  3. thank you Janette!!!


  4. How beautiful! There was a James Ames in school with me. I always wondered if his parents were poets or just tone deaf!

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  5. How beautiful! I really love miniatures. Such a tender touch you show in this work. 🙂

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