twilight time

June 26, 2015

DUSK HAS ALWAYS BEEN a magical time for photographers and painters alike.  Exemplifying this is John Singer Sargents’ famous work, ‘Carnation, Lily, Lily Rose’ . . .


He would work on the piece by running outside every evening at that magical time to take in the effects the setting sun created in his garden, and add more detail to this wonderful painting–and did this over an entire year, between 1885 and 1886.

It borders on fatuous to have a Singer Sargent and something of mine on the same page, so please refrain from making a comparison.  Rather, note along with me that regardless of who is photographing, painting in oils, watercolour, or pastel, trying to gain an understanding of the effects of the setting sun continues to be a worthy and challenging pursuit, no matter which century we happen to find ourselves living in.


“Winter Sun”, watercolour, 20cm x 30.5cm (8″ x 10″), art board, unsold

8 Responses to “twilight time”

  1. Dear RE- you are always so gracious when you visit me.


  2. Just beautiful, lovely colours. I could look at this painting all day

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  3. Rebecca, we both have a great love for this medium and I so enjoy having you as an across-the-sea partner in watercolour!


  4. Thank you very very much Barry, because your work is something I greatly admire.


  5. oh my Cynthia……(here endth my comments)

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  6. My favorite of the complementaries!

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  7. Barry Comer said

    So passionate

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  8. Rebecca said

    Well said, and two lovely pictures to go with it.

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