painting night

May 18, 2015

THERE IS A FASCINATION surrounding night, when all is cloaked in darkness and the earth dons a mysterious manteau.

WE SEE, and yet we don’t.  Depicting night is a painting fascination because I personally do not have a firm visual anamnesis of what exactly night ‘looks like’.

FOR EXAMPLE, is the moon really white–or silvery?  Or is it, rather, lemony–or perhaps, blue?

A NUMBER OF RENOWNED NORTH AMERICAN PAINTERS made the depiction of night their signature subject.  Some, like the famous Western painter, Remington, chose to depict moonlight as a bit of each, including even at times, degrees of green….

Remington 008 2048px_frederic_remington___the_call_for_help_by_kirbykalibak-d6u6hv1

IT IS SOMEWHAT OF A MYSTERY as to what our eyes truly see, in terms of chromaticity, when looking at night, and particularly, moonlight.  Painting night offers an enjoyable challenge: convincing viewers that what has been painted corresponds to their personal, nightly experience.


Up Late’,  watercolour, Arches Hot Press Paper, “14×18”, (sold)

THIS IS ANOTHER heritage home in Kamloops, known locally as Fort House, because it was built on land originally used as a Fort by The Hudson Bay Company when Kamloops was established in 1812.  At present, this early 20th century farmhouse is a rather rundown rooming house.

6 Responses to “painting night”

  1. ….thank you very much Mr. Sundar–I enjoy watching your progress as a painter, whose first love is scientific engineering and research.

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  2. Nice painting The atmosphere is cool

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  3. Alexandra said

    Very lovely watercolor paintings you have here. Discovered you through Teri Casper. 🙂


  4. thank you both for being not only encouraging, but an inspiration to me through your work


  5. Soooo nicely done! I think painting in watercolor makes the challenge a wee bit harder (for me, at least) – but I persist.

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  6. Rebecca said

    This is so atmospheric! The clouds seem to skim the moon, and I love the shadow too. Wonderful.

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