commissioned work . . .

April 28, 2015

I HAVE NEVER TRAVELED to Europe, except through the amazing blogs of those I follow.  The countries I have had the privilege of visiting have been confined to Canada (10 of the 11 Provinces); The United States (45 of the 50 states); Israel (1989); Taiwan (2002); and The Philippines (2003,04,05).

OUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR’S FAMILY comes from Italy and she went to visit the cities and places which mean the most to her, and asked me to paint a watercolour based on the photos she provided me with upon her return . . .


Campanile de San Marco

 33cm x 50cm (13″ x 20″) watercolour on 140 lb. Arches Hot Press Paper

‘Award of Excellence’, Federation of Canadian Artists, 2013

IT WAS A PRIVILEGE being able to work on this scene for it allowed me to be there, even though I wasn’t (smile).

6 Responses to “commissioned work . . .”

  1. Simon, I hope everyone reading this pays you a visit–great blog.


  2. simon682 said

    That is a fine painting: a very European sky. Wonderful composition.

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  3. Thank you very much Andrew–I’m glad you like the pallet for this painting. It is a more subdued one because of the mist.


  4. Andrew said

    That’s a great picture – I love the colors you picked.

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  5. Rebecca said

    Beautiful! I’m sure your client will be delighted.

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