name that bird . . .

April 25, 2015

SOME LONG WHILE AGO now (years)–through this blog–I received a request by email from a blogger to complete a miniature of a bird, which I did, and sent off to his/her satisfaction, receiving back in the mail remuneration.

THE DIFFICULTY FOR ME in this moment is that I still have the image of that little bird painting the way it looked when I was working on it . . . here it is . . . not a very sharp photo. .


. . . BUT MY PROBLEM in displaying it here, is that I no longer have a clue what kind of bird it is.  All I can recall is that it is a species from a tropical region, and probably in the Central Americas. It is not a bird I have myself ever seen with my own eyes, so it lacks my personal experience, and therefore lacks a place in my memory bank . . . so . . . I’m asking . . .

DO YOU KNOW THE NAME of this bird?

8 Responses to “name that bird . . .”

  1. George Weaver helped my aged mind remember that is was the lovely Lemony who commissioned this little painting for her dear mother who loves travelling, and was privileged to see a Lilac-breasted Roller.


  2. Excellent blog post. I absolutely love this site.

    Stick with it!

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  3. Janie, sub-saharan Africa, eats lizards and insects, lays 2 to 4 eggs, and I’d love to lay eyes on one, but haven’t. Wikipedia gave me the information. The person asking for the painting only supplied me with a photo.


  4. Jane Teague-Urbach said

    All the bird ifs want where seen, when and how big? Do you have that?

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  5. Wayne Ferguson said

    I believe your painting is of an African lilac breasted roller. I have painted a similar bird, and it certainly looks like the one that I painted. Try googling this bird, to see if it works for you. Best regards, Vikki Ferguson

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  6. YES. Thank you H.J. ! [I was way off in where it comes from. It is sub-saharan african….

    If anyone knows birds, it is H.J. Ruiz


  7. avian101 said

    Search the Lilac-breasted Roller bird. 🙂

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