local recognition

April 23, 2015

IT IS ALWAYS VERY NICE when what is for me a self-educational hobby, receives outside recognition, as in this edition of our locally-published ‘Currents’ Magazine . . .


KAMLOOPS (derived from a First Nations word meaning, ‘crux of two rivers’) is a wonderful city for promoting The Arts.  We have a great live theatre venue, with a full annual repertoire of plays, as well as a number of smaller companies and our own symphony.

7 Responses to “local recognition”

  1. How nice of you Violet to take the time. Your blog is a joy.


  2. Congratulations Lance 😀 That is wonderful 🙂

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  3. Dr. Victor, I am very happy to see you posting informative illustrations of surgical procedures for us laypeople. It is helpful. And your people photographs are a delight.


  4. Andrew, I am really enjoying your blog. I hope you receive many more visitors, as you deserve a good read.


  5. Andrew said

    Congratulations. Always makes you feel good to know others like your work. I’ve been enjoying seeing your stuff.

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  6. Victor Ho said

    Sorry my congratulations went without my name.

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  7. Anonymous said

    Congratulations – it is well deserved. All the best.

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