Paint-off Challenge

January 20, 2012

A few years back I belonged to The Artists’ Studio, and the twenty of us each submitted a favourite photo which we thought would make for a good painting.  Those twenty photos were then subjected to a voting process whereby a single photo would end up becoming the subject which all twenty of us would base a painting on.

So–one photo–twenty artists–twenty different paintings based on the same photo.  And the winning photo was taken by a Member of The Artists’ Studio of The Icicle River in Levenworth, Washington, U. S. A.

studio challenge poster

And here then, is both the photo and my treatment of it . . . (but I addded a couple of hikers and a little dog just for interest) . . .

photo and framed watercolour

7 Responses to “Paint-off Challenge”

  1. Always…All the time 😉


  2. I love your interpretation 😉


  3. Thank you so much, Jane. I believe it’s the photographer’s challenge to search out the best arrangement nature has to offer and then maximize a camera’s limitations to produce art. It’s the painter’s challenge to take what nature has to offer and rearrange it, paint it, and personalize it to the point where it carries impact straight to the heart.

    It is not the painter’s task to make a painting look like a photograph. That may be craft, but it isn’t art.

    Your comments get one thinking. Your blog is wonderfully full of thoughtful pieces.


  4. High River Arts said

    This is beautiful. You really made the scene come alive. This is why I’ll always prefer original over a photograph!


  5. You always give me a boost. Queenslanders must be very kind people.


  6. magsx2 said

    I love the way you have painted this, the addition of the hikers I feel just adds to the picture, also the higher ground level on the left seems to give the painting more depth, well done. 🙂


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