Third Beach

January 19, 2012

Ten percent larger than New York’s Central Park, is Vancouver’s Stanley Park–1001 acres of enormous cedars, Totems, hidden pathways, creeks, ponds, ocean views, as well an amphitheatre and The Vancouver Aquarium.  It was named after Lord Stanley, the Governor General of Canada in 1888 (and also the person who donated the famous Stanley Cup for the emerging hockey teams of the day to compete for).  Lord Stanley became the first Governor General to visit British Columbia when the Park was being dedicated.

This painting was done on location within the Park while sitting on one of the many available sand-encased logs.  The spot is known simply as Third Beach, and looks out towards a very distant (not always visible–and not in this painting) Vancouver Island.

'Third Beach, Vancouver'

It took most of the day, and while there a baby seal washed up on shore.  Being tied down to all my spread-out gear, I called out to those closest.  Mobile phones weren’t as prevalent then as now, and it took the gathering crowd quite a while before attendants from The Vancouver Aquarium came to rescue the little guy. They have an adoption program which results in a release later on after the animals have matured.

14 Responses to “Third Beach”

  1. you also, and even more so!


  2. Your welcome
    Your blessed with nature
    So many subject to paint


  3. Oh yes! You have been there, so you know they are similar! Thank you for your comment and your ‘like’


  4. Reminds me of Victoria


  5. Holy smokes–you guys are waaaay up there, beside the Chukchi Sea! I had to use ‘google’ to discover where in that enormous State you are. You really do see Russia when you look out your kitchen window (Sarah wasn’t joking).

    Thank you for your appreciation of the beach scenes, and your sense of humour–I rather doubt you would be needing any precipitation. Your ‘gravatar’ has no link to any blog you may yourselves have. But if you do have one, please give its particulars by way of a reply.
    Thank you again Barbra and Jack.


  6. Thank you for sharing your water colors online. I especially like the beach scenes…all of them.
    Greetings from the arid village of Point Hope Alaska, and no, we don’t need any precipitation. 😉


  7. THANK YOU all–would you believe it got to be -33C (with the wind chill) yesterday and one of our pipes froze and was dripping onto the open floor, so I had to phone around and there were NO PLUMBERS available. None. They said, ‘maybe next week’.

    Finally at 4:30 p.m. we got our problem taken care of.
    I was unable to post yesterday and am very enthused to see your appreciation for this little painting.
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting–


  8. I like the relaxed nature of this one. Very pretty.


  9. What a magnificent sky. I feel like I’m sitting on the beach. Your description of the events of the day was also beautiful. I went to Stanley Park as a child with my parents…lovely memories, thank you.


  10. magsx2 said

    A lovely painting. I love the reflection in the water of the smaller rocks, and the Tanker in the background really adds to the painting I feel. very nice.

    It’s good to know that there are people the world over who are available with the knowledge of being able to care and help some of our wildlife, where would we be without them.


  11. 3wishesstudio said

    You good deed-doer you! BTW – nice painting – I’m going to share.


  12. High River Arts said

    Love the rocks leading my eye into the ocean!


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