Great Nephew

January 16, 2012

One of my great nephews, at three years old, was particularly creative.  You didn’t want to be assuming anything past 5:00 a.m., when a peaceful house usually meant he was in the scrap-booking room or the pantry; and there were things going on involving lipstick and cats, or crayons and clothes dryers.  This particular watercolour was done on Arches 140 lb Hot Press paper.  It is intentionally given a light treatment because the day was such that the sun was near to dazzlingly intense.

Here’s a random moment between takes when he’s on the loose at his brother’s birthday party. His sapphire eyes are looking around at what might next need destroying before it’s even been unwrapped.

He’s one of the most delightful children I’ve ever known–but I was very happy to have been only the Great Uncle (and not the parent) when he was three.

"After the Cake"

14 Responses to “Great Nephew”

  1. Maraming maraming salamat!


  2. You really should..great art and great storytelling 😉


  3. Thank you for your confidence–I wonder . . . hmmmm. Worth thinking about and thank you for the thought!


  4. I think you should write a children’s book…;) just an idea


  5. My, that is the sweetest compliment. Thank you so very much. He is now quite grown and so I am happy I made this painting when I did.


  6. how very nice of you–thank you very very much!


  7. So endearing! I love the softness of the painting. It shows a lot of love and closeness.


  8. Lynda said

    Not sure what that means….yes, thanks for the link


  9. You’ve realy captured his “into everything” nature with this work. What a beautiful gift to his parents.


  10. You’re the soul of magnanimity! Did you see your Lynda Jones link down below?


  11. Lynda said

    It’s a good thing you have this outlet for your writing. You write so well. Maybe you should write and illustrate books.


  12. I appreciate hearing this–you’re always very complimentary.


  13. magsx2 said

    Very nice, and I love the colours, it gives it all a very soft look I feel.


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