January 12, 2012

When we moved to Kamloops from Vancouver, we weren’t really prepared for the heat.  Being a coastal city, Vancouver rarely sees temperatures over the high 20’s.  Kamloops on the other hand, is in the South West Interior and is arid and hot — very hot.  Summer temperatures can crest 45C, which is hot for Canada.

There’s sagebrush and Ponderosa Pines and cacti and lots of barren, weather-worn rock.  The painting below was done in a location called Silt Bluffs which are full of character and stand above  the North Thompson River.  This scene is only about ten minutes away from downtown.

'Silt Bluffs on Shuswap Road'

14 Responses to “Hot”

  1. awwww. that’s so sweet!


  2. Haha..your welcome
    If I will have to go dive the deepest parts of the ocean to see your work, I will do so. Jenny 😉


  3. Thank you Jenny for checking out previous posts so faithfully!


  4. I can feel the heat
    Lovely painting
    Best, Jenny


  5. Lordy–it’s -13C here. Stay inside today. Thanks for stopping by!


  6. Love it! Perfect antidote for a freezing cold day in Hamilton, Ontario.


  7. Thanks for visiting my site and for the comment! Incredible work!


  8. Your photos are superb. The black and white one of the woman in the restaurant is beyond words. It is exquisitely done.


  9. Great body of work and for this piece I really like impressions so this is rich up my alley.


  10. I feel yours as well–thank you for the kindnesses.


  11. 3wishesstudio said

    I can see spirits dancing in the center of the piece and I can feel the warmth.


  12. magsx2 said

    Very nice, I love the way you have used the warm/hot colours.

    It gets hot here in the part of Australia that I live in as well, which is classed as the tropics.


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