Sunshine Coast

January 11, 2012

Taking the 40 minute ferry from Vancouver one reaches Gibson’s Landing, the beginning of the 85 km. stretch known by British Columbians as The Sunshine Coast.  The road leads North towards Alaska, but ends at Powell River–the furthest major city on the coast–and visitors simply have to either turn around and come back, or decide to permanently stay.

This watercolour was painted on location on a section of the Sunshine Coast near the town of Sechelt.  The wind was blowing across the Pacific, creating large breakers and bringing in a bank of fog which made it difficult to dry my paper enough to keep going.


14 Responses to “Sunshine Coast”

  1. Happy Friday to you 😉


  2. My goodness, Jen–you are so devoted to checking out what I’ve posted! Thank you very very much!


  3. You cease to amaze me
    You are an awesome artist
    Best, Jenny


  4. orples said

    I could not begin to imagine a world without trees. How drab would that be?


  5. Thank you very much for telling me–after visiting your site, I think you like this because you favour trees. The trees in your fabric art are very prominently featured. What would this world be without trees, eh, ‘orples’?


  6. orples said

    I meant to say, paintings like ‘this’.


  7. orples said

    I love paintings like it. A lot of the photographs I take are of unusual scenes in Nature. This painting says so much to me. All of your work is lovely, but this work for some reason really spoke to me.


  8. thank you for taking the time to have a look and make your kind remarks. I am enjoying your blog a great deal.


  9. Stunning! I love the perspective in that one.


  10. You have a talent with cameras. Thank you for your kindness.


  11. I really enjoy this one. You’re very talented.


  12. Breathtaking…. powerful piece.


  13. I’m very pleased I found you too. You seem like my kind of person!


  14. 3wishesstudio said

    Your work is stunningly beautiful. Each piece speaks to me in a special way. Glad I found your work. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind words. Best, Kim


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