A bit of New York

January 4, 2012

I was raised in Rochester, New York, and then later on the New York / Vermont border.  At some point we had occasion to visit the town of Saranac Lake, New York, which hosted the 1980 Winter Olympics and much earlier in its history was one of North America’s best known tuberculosis sanatorium locales.  Patients went there to receive plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

Kamloops, British Columbia, my present home, was also chosen as a prime location for a TB sanatorium and it was located just outside the city limits at Tranquille, B. C., beside Kamloops Lake.  The air here is dry, without even a hint of humidity in the Summer and bracingly-cold in the Winter.

I loved staying in Saranac Lake that one week in January.  The lake itself was completely frozen over, with a fresh layer of snow and a blindingly-bright sun.

'A Frosty Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, New York, c1989'

5 Responses to “A bit of New York”

  1. MaryPena said

    Hello nice ppost


  2. When I first went to Queens, I was in awe. I was 18, and we went to Rockaway Beach and I rode a roller coaster called . . . The Tornado?? can’t quite remember. Then I threw up. Then I had a hot dog with everything on it. And I never wanted to leave.

    I’m sorry–your remarks somehow got bypassed by me, and it’s taken me this long. I was raised in Rochester, then on the New York/Vermont border. But NYC was every upstate kid’s idea of where it all was.


  3. Thank you for your kind words, Lance!

    I was born & raised in Queens, but we used to take trips upstate to Buffalo, Rochester, and Lake Placid during the fall. I’m sure you can imagine how amazed I was as a city kid. (..and how much easier it was to breathe!)


  4. May I ask where in New York State you hail from? I love your photographs, Robert.


  5. My home state!

    It’s a beautiful place and you did an excellent job of catching it.

    Thank you for sharing your works.


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